Comic strips are one of the best mediums to express an idea or explain a situation.

Here is a compilation of few illustrations by famous illustratours on the peculiar character of typical architects along their journey through college as a student to the real professional world out there.

When assignments put you in awkward socially humilating situtaions-

‘Research before design’ is the mantra we are always taught in architecture school. And the result of it we all have experienced…!!!!


Source: theblueinkblog

The night before the marking-

This one needs no explaination…



The day after the marking-

Neither does this…


Source: theblueinkblog

When seniors choose the not so right way to teach their juniors-

Learning from seniors is an integral part of architecture college, but it has its own repercussions 😛



When architects go out for dinner – 

Cant help but concentrate on everything else except food.



When you are one of the lucky interns-

The usual belief – Interns dont know shit!! So if you get to do somethimg productive during your internship you know you are the lucky one!!



When being late at work is not as simple as only losing attendance-

Being late = Losing money *sighs*



Because everyone hates the IT department in office-

Yes we are architects. We work on atleast 5 softwares at the same time and need a beast of a machine to get work done. but alas, not all wishes come true!



Because we all know the bitter truth of an architects life –

Everyone earns more than us , right from the model makers to the rendering consultants to the interior designers. Oh did i just forget to mention my driver?



Because we are designing one of the most complex products-

Yes the whole process of developing one of the most complex products from its inception to execution to reality is not only tedious and full of challenges but an extremely slow process. And you have no option but patiently deal with it.

how long it takes to get a development permit


Text and compilation – Vidhi Shah