The End…. or a new beginning!


As I sat cribbing over dinner about the college reopening from Monday, my mom surprised me with a question, “Dear, in the past 20 years of school and college reopening dates I have never seen you so upset and cribbing over it. You have always been excited about the start of a new academic year and always geared up yourself to overcome new challenges and to enlive new experiences. Her question sent me in a whirlpool of thoughts and revived hundreds of memories. I bought myself back to the present and replied, “Mom, I am not worried about the new beginning but I am worried about THE END. The end of my formal education.” It feels creepy to think that within no time I will graduate and step in a completely different world. Again, I don’t fear the new life, competitiveness, the responsibility, the challenge but I fear losing the amazing people I met in the past few years. These set of people do not only mean my friends (with whom I might still manage to stay in touch) but everyone right from my teachers, mentors, juniors to the non-teaching staff.”

After dinner as I sat watching our class movie and walked down the memory lane I remembered all the fun, the fights, the happy and the sad moments all of us had together. Right from arranging college tours to enjoying them, from being a part of the cultural events to working hard to make it a success. We never realized how these tours and events brought all of us close to each other. How those Secret Santa games played for fun built relationships. How dressing up as whacky characters and dancing to the tunes of the DJ till our legs ache built a treasure trove of memories. I wondered will we ever forget those amazing days spent in making fun of each other, helping each other when in need and those amazing NASA night outs and night ins!!!! 😛 How can we Academites forget the long nights at home spent working with our moms serving us endless cups of coffee (and as if that wasn’t enough helping me in my models!! P.S. all my trees in my models throughout architecture have been made by my Mom. Thank you Mom for all the help and support. ) At times, fighting with  teachers to get the submissions postponed and at times thanking them for doing the needful even before we thought about it. And there are no words to thank the non-teaching staff who were always there around helping us, smuggling T-scales and giving us keys to the classrooms to use them after college hours. Also the watchman uncle about which I wouldn’t mention online but has been extremely sweet and helpful.


I owe this institution a lot. It has moulded me into what I am today. Hopefully one day I will be back here to give back something to this institution. So, keeping aside all my emotions and inhibitions I now get ready for my last academic year, cleaning my shelves with a flame of hope in my heart that this is not THE END…… BUT A NEW BEGINNING. 

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