Beyond Architecture….

Yeah, I am an architecture student almost at the end of this journey to become an architect. You might have heard many horrendous stories about this architecture course. Working day and night, staying in college for weeks, going for juries looking like zombies, missing social outings and functions are some of the very common traits of architecture students. And all of this is absolutely true.

But all these events have taught me numerous things, given me innumerable good as well as bad experiences, taught me things beyond architecture and given me some beautiful stories and memories which are very close to my heart.

Today, I am going to share one such story with you. Architecture colleges are famous for matching up people who end up being life partners. Most of us by now, I am sure would have been proposed at least once by a guy or girl. But during this course I have been proposed by a guy to become his sister. Shocked? Even I was. Shocked, surprised and overwhelmed. I did not know how to react. It was beyond my imagination and expectations.

A year in architecture and I hardly knew that person existed in my class. Then at the start of my second year many of us refreshed and excited decided to take part in a competition. And here was that guy whom I barely knew, teamed up with me and made to work together. During these wonderful two months of staying in college and working, eating and sleeping together, covering up for one another I never realized how we came so close to each other.

Though I still do not know the actual reason which triggered this proposal, I am still amazed how sharing tiffin’s and buttermilks can make someone respect and love you so much.

It’s now been two years of tieing rakhis and accepting gifts and of this relationship with this very different person, with very different principles and very different ideologies whom otherwise I wouldn’t have talked to. And yeah, very emotional and moody too.

Today, when I look behind, I realize that this college and this course has given me a lot, that is beyond architecture, this being only one such memory out of all those and it plays an important role in making me what I am today.



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