TOURISM – An upcoming industry

Rapid advancements in technology, transport, science, communication and finance altered the way in which society viewed itself, and transformed it into an International Community. No civilized community produces all the things which it consumes which leads to an exchange within communities and nations. A nation deals with one or all the aspects of commerce namely, the production, manufacture and the distribution of the commodity, reaping a profit from their respective specialty. The nature of the commerce depends on the geographical nature of the nature. Some nations have few but abundant resources while others have availability of a variety of resources in a limited quantity. The economy of a nation solely depends on these resources.

Dubai is a very classic example of what I am trying to get at. Dubai’s economy was built on the back of the oil industry. Slowly, people realized that these resources are limited and being situated in a desert they had very few other commercial opportunities. Hence, the governments decided to diversify from a trade-based but oil-reliant economy to one that is service and tourism-oriented. They shifted their focus to building hotels and construction marvels. And the result is known by everyone.

On the other hand, Indian culture, being an amalgamation of traditions owning to its diverse geography, languages and religions, has accepted global influence.  The morphological structure of metropolitan Indian cities are a reflection of its multi-ethnic population base, the historic layering of its urban fabric, which lead to the merging of different cultures. This rich culture and history provides India with numerous destinations right from pilgrimage places, forts, palaces, tombs, architectural marvels to the breath taking natural scenic destinations like the Himalayas, 4000 km long coastline, deserts, coral reefs, islands, backwaters and metropolis like Mumbai and Delhi. But our country is yet not expanding the tourism industry to that extent. The resources of our country are spent in mimicking the trends in western countries. Instead, the resources should be spend in enhancing the already unique features of our country which will in turn automatically attract tourists.

Also it is very necessary to make people of our own country to realize the treasure of natural and man-made attractions they possess and make them respect it. For our country to progress it’s very important for the citizens of our country to change their attitude, to start seeing the originality and software of our country. To notice the meta – physical aspects and qualities the places in our country possess. The day when our citizens start seeing this hidden beauty and respecting what they have, will be the day when our country will turn from developing to DEVELOPED.

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