Home sweet home

Since I was a child I have heard people telling me that a HOUSE is distinct from a HOME. When I was in third grade I took part in an essay competition and won the first prize for writing an amazing essay on HOME SWEET HOME, partially prepared by my mom. I still remember that the essay talked about a house being mere walls and roof protecting the inhabitants from rain, wind and the scorching sun but a home being a place where one creates memories and shares experiences with one’s family. A place which one treats differently than any other, the place where one feels more comfortable than anywhere else. A place which one feels is better than the best of palaces and mansions; that’s your home. I clearly remember using a quote which read as, “A happy family makes a happy home” and I completely agree to it.

Home sweet home

But today I am a student of architecture. On the first day of my architecture college some professor told me that – “Architecture starts where engineering ends.” A house can very well be built by an engineer. And now when I think about it I feel that if it’s true that it’s the people living in a house that convert it into a home then what am I as an architect for? Surely I am not doing this painstakingly tiring but absolutely interesting course, breaking my head with form, space, scale, light and order for nothing!!!

Of course not. I as an architect obviously play a part in making a house into a home. But to know how keep reading my blog!

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